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Confession: I supported the mages throughout all of Dragon Age 2. They were the injured party, and I felt that they deserved more freedom. But as soon as Anders blew the Chantry, I knew that it was all over, and I went to the Templars aid. I don’t even feel guilty

You truly did not support the Mages after all if that is all what it took for you to switch sides. You fail to realize how much the mages are being mistreated by the templars in the gallows, and the Chantry (Grand Cleric Elthina) did absolutely nothing to stop the abuse. The Mage and Templar’s situation escalated over the years, and Elthina did nothing to cool down the blaze.

When a single mage (Whom was the prisoner of the Chantry for the most part of his life) decided that enough is enough, and took action by blowing up the Chantry. Many got pissed off about the actions Ander’s took, and going to the Templar’s side to seek guidance.

Since when is it wrong to fight for what you believe in? To fight for you and your peoples freedom?

 What would you have done differently if you were Anders?





Team Blue and Angry: OH NO HE DIDN’T.

This photoset makes me inexplicably happy.

So much love for this. 

I admit that I’m a Fenris hater but I’m giving these photos 5 rep points. Apparently Fenris and Anders aren’t that far off as having something in common yet both hate each other. How very outlandish.